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Empties: June

I am able to get this post up a bit earlier in the month, which I am very happy about. I did go through quite a few products in June. It was a pretty heavy empties month, but I did not use up any makeup items. I did end up with pink eye, so I didn’t use makeup for a while. I am SO CLOSE on quite a few makeup items now. I am pretty sure that I can still use up 22 products in 2022. I’m almost done with two mini lip balms, a gel blush, a powder, two setting sprays, eyebrow gel, and another mascara. That is eight products right there. I should be in a good spot soon.

It was the month of haircare and skincare. I managed to use 4 hair products this past month. It was a dry shampoo month as we finished up two bottles of it. I also managed to use up shampoo and a conditioner. I usually use up the matching shampoo before the conditioner, so I rarely use them up in sets.

So many skincare items! 4 eye masks, an eye serum, an eye cream, and a packet of facial wipes. I decluttered the two eye items when I got pink eye as those were the 2 items that I used on and around my eyes 48 hrs prior to getting pink eye symptoms. I had not used my mascara or any eye shadow or liner thankfully.

I used 2 bath bombs and they really color the water nicely! Not much of a scent, but they also don’t stain or leave your tub slippery. I would get these again. I paired them with bath salts for scent and relaxing qualities.

Three misc items. Deodorant, room spray, and a pen.

7 sheets of stickers for accountability purposes.

It is nice to see 13 beauty items leave my collection. June was a very productive month for me and I hope to keep the momentum going through July. I do know that light months usually follow heavy months, so I am not going to be disappointed if July doesn’t yield as many empties as June did.

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2 thoughts on “Empties: June”

    1. It really is. It has been SO HOT here too that it has been difficult to wear makeup, so I have been focusing on other things. We are currently in a severe drought.

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