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I Think I’m Having A Snack ATTACK!

For Nature Box Jalapeno Cashews

Nature Box

What it is: Nutritionist approved jalapeno-flavored cashews made from wholesome ingredients.

Key Ingredients: cashews & jalapeno seasoning & nothing else.

How it smells/tastes/looks: After I opened the package and took a whiff, I was surprised at how yummy this smelt. It smells exactly like spice, jalapenos, and a little earthy [the cashews themselves]. It looked like the cashews had a light powder on them. This tasted incredible. It was lightly spiced and didn’t overwhelm the flavor of the cashews. I was expecting it to have been really spicy, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Why I like it: Although I would have preferred more spice, these were delicious and filling. It was the perfect serving size to have after a sandwich. I could see myself having some after exercising for a boost of energy and to satisfy until my next meal. I always get a little peckish after exercising.

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55 thoughts on “I Think I’m Having A Snack ATTACK!”

      1. Lame! Was your full sized snack chocolate oat cookies? Mine was. I can’t remember the other two snacks. Some sort of medley dried fruit, and a frito like snack? Can’t remember the names.

      2. Those sound really good. I love covered pretzels. I think target sells a lot of similar snacks though, and much cheaper, so I would probably go there instead of spending $20 a month on this.

      3. Yes, there is a Trader Joe’s in Worcester. I go when I go to the doctors. This month I am going 2-3 times, normally I go once a month though. This time two month visits fall within the same month and I have an ultrasound, but that isn’t scheduled yet, so it could be August.

      4. Minutes. It’s probably closer to 50 because it’s about 10-15 minutes from the college and the college is a 35-40 minute ride. No idea how many miles.

      5. I still think about that one a lot, but I’ve been sent so many sample exfoliants, it wouldn’t not be in my interest to buy it for a while. I loved the scent of it though.

      6. I think it’s that it’s a white powder, and my hair is dark. But as for why it continues showing after I’ve brushed it, not sure? But it’s annoying!

      7. YAY! Pool time! I’m going to blog, walk my dogs, then bathe my dogs, and plan next week. I am going to be sneaking in some reading somewhere!

      8. I’m bringing my dogs to the groomers to get their nails trimmed this month. I file theirs normally, but the smell is really getting to me (like rotten eggs). So, for twenty dollars, they will both have their nails done.

      9. It’s an automatic dog filer, so it grinds and shapes the nails. It’s the only kind they tolerate. The clippers hurt them. It’s too much pressure.

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