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Currently Reading #2

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have finished all of those books from the previous currently reading (except I’m on the last 2 chapters of Elixir), so I thought that I would give you an update on the next four books that I have been reading since finishing. Keep in mind that I have already finished one of these and am almost done with a second one. I’ll let you know which ones when I tell you about them.

In Between By Jenny Jones

In Between

I haven’t started this one yet. I just recently downloaded it for free on Amazon.com and it is still currently free if you are interested. I like Christian Romance novels and this seems like it could also be slightly paranormal. I cannot wait to read it and see how the two of these elements/genres mix together. As soon as I’m done with Saving Angel on my kindle, I will be reading this one next.

Saving Angel By J. L. Wells

Saving Angel

First of all, the book cover is gorgeous! Second, it is a totally addictive read and I’ve been reading it for two days and am almost done with it. I am hoping to be purchasing the next few books in the series. I like to buy physical copies though, because I just delete my digital copies. I read them once and then I’m onto the next one. I don’t mind used copies though or ordering from the library. I just know that this will be a series that I want to finish. This is also free right now and you can just use your computer to read it. No kindle needed just the app on your computer or phone.

Cora: The Unwilling Queen By Amy Hutchinson


I have already finished reading this one on my kindle as well. Have you noticed a pattern? I’ve been reading a lot on my kindle lately, since I take it with me to appointments and out shopping. I am going to try to read another physical book next, but honestly? Reading on my kindle is easier, especially if the lighting isn’t very good. I use my kindle for reading with the lights off in bed and when I’m out. Otherwise, I read my books at home with perfect lighting. This book was very good and I will be reviewing it soon. I’m going to reviewing a physical book then a digital book and go back and forth from now on. Because now, I have two, almost three digital books waiting to be reviewed and I don’t want to forget them! This is currently free as well.

Notorious (It Girl #2) By Cecily Von Ziegesar


This is a book that I borrowed from Danielle, since I really enjoyed the first one in the series. It was really cute and I wanted to read the second. I am about 50 pages in and I am already sucked into it. It is really good, but I can only read so much of it at a time, before I want to read something else.

Well, that is what I am currently reading. What are you reading? I enjoy a good frilly book, so I would love your recommendations. If a book is free on Amazon that you love, let me know, so I can read it too!

With Love,


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