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3D White

For Crest 3D White in Arctic Fresh


I really like all toothpaste as long as they make my teeth feel clean and whiten my smile a bit. I’m not looking for super white teeth! I really enjoyed the taste of this toothpaste. It wasn’t overwhelmingly minty like most toothpastes can be. I did not repurchase this. I do prefer Crest over Colgate, but I’m into more natural toothpaste at the moment. Toothpaste is not something I really think about. I just buy whatever I have a coupon for and/or what is on clearance at Walmart. What is your favorite toothpaste? It takes about 6 months to go through a whole tube of toothpaste, so you won’t see another toothpaste review from me in a while. I’m interested in trying those black charcoal based toothpastes. Has anyone tried those?

With Love,

❤ Selena Hannah ❤


12 thoughts on “3D White”

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by the lush tooth tabs, but I’m generally not picky about toothpaste, either. Though I do prefer when they’re not overbearing. I remember using a vanilla one in middle school which sounds gross but actually worked and tasted quite good.

      1. That is possible. I was actually just out of there. The miniature soaps I made are going to run out in a couple weeks and I was going to order a lot of soap so I’m stocked up for a while.

      2. Just soaps. There was like 5 or 6 of them. I can’t remember most of the names but definitely the honey I washed the kids one. I was going to try ones I haven’t yet.

      3. It sounds good. I’ve really liked anything with honey lately. I blame Joanna and then in turn her boyfriend because he’s the one who started it all. Lol.

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