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Project Polish Intro

I have decided to do a project polish this year in the attempt to use up my huge nail polish collection, which I will have updated photos of that coming soon. I have 5 polishes in my project and this will be a rolling project. So, as I use up a polish, I will replace it with something similar in the color family or what makes sense seasonally. If anyone else is doing this project, please leave a link to your blog below. I’d love to follow!


These are my polishes in my project pan. I have a L’Oreal glitter, three Julep ones, and a Sally Hansen. The baby lavender is good for the Winter and Spring. The bright texture pink polish is good for Spring and Summer. The orange and navy are great Fall colors and who doesn’t love a good glitter?! I have been loving the pampering Monday nights of painting my nails, which I have done three times now. If I can remember to take pics, I will show you on Mondays. 🙂


L’Oreal Glitter Polish in 605 Sparklicious

My plans for this polish is to use it up. It will probably take me to the end of the year to do so, but I want to see how it looks as a polish on its own. Maybe, this won’t take too long to finish that way. It is 0.39 fl oz, which is 0.11 fl oz less than a standard bottle. Maybe, I can finish it off!

Julep Nail Color in 2086 Bombshell Gloria

These have almost half the amount of a full size at 0.27 fl oz. I feel like that this going to be a favorite summer color. I don’t own too many oranges, but it is a color that I want to wear more off. I like it better than red and gives me a break from pink.


Julep Nail Color in 2282 American Beauty Amy

I’m going to be putting this on all of my fingers Monday with maybe a coat of glitter. This cool navy blue is a good Winter color. I’m gonna prep the nails tonight with some cuticle oil for polish tomorrow night. I had a week off this past week from polish. My nails need to breathe every two to three weeks of constant polish.


Julep Nail Color in 4328 IT Girl Carla

Carla had never been worn before this project. I absolutely love this color now. It is super pretty! I think this will be the first polish to go out of the group. It is very versatile and I am sure that I will be painting them this color soon again for Valentine’s Day. It is an unexpected color. I just wish it pulled more lavender.


Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in 700 Cotton Candies

I love a good texture polish and this one does not disappoint. I will be buying thinner, because this was SO THICK when I used it the other week. I want to try to use up every last drop of my gooey nail polishes this year or as much as I can. Sometimes, when you throw thinner in, it still doesn’t work or you ruin the texture part of it.

I will see you all real soon for the February update. This intro post got up SUPER late.

With Love,



11 thoughts on “Project Polish Intro”

    1. I want to wear it over the blue. I also dyed my hair pink. Well, tried to. It didn’t come out that pink. I’m thinking about going really light blonde with natural roots, so I can put funky colors in it.

      1. That will be fun. I haven’t been up to anything like that but I’ve been buying new clothes, stuff for warmer months. It will be nice when it’s warm enough to wear it.

      2. I am going to be doing that soon. I don’t have many summer pieces. I purged a lot of my clothes. I am 145lbs and my doctor called me fat and told me to lose 10 lbs by next year when I see her again. I’m starting an exercise routine this weekend. I need to start out slow. I am out of shape, but not really that overweight. She must have been comparing me to pre-pregnancy weight. I gained 60 lbs when I was pregnant. I am very proud to have lost 50 pounds in 2 years. This is why I hate the Drs.

      3. If you’re doctor used the word fat you should probably find a new one. There’s a difference between giving health advice and just being mean. Surely your doctor would understand that losing weight post pregnancy is different for everyone? I’m under the impression that a lot of women don’t lose all the weight afterwards?

      4. Yes, you are right. Most woman stay “heavier” after pregnancy. My doctor is Asian, so somethings can get lost when she tries to talk English. She was tripping over her words and never said anything the past 2 years.

      5. Oh. I don’t think any doctor would bother addressing that during or after pregnancy unless something was wrong. I wouldn’t worry about it that much, though I know comments like that can be hard to just forget about.

    1. I need to do my update, but for three or four weeks I haven’t been wearing any polish. I’ve been so busy and then, this week, my nails are peeling and cracking. So, they are in no shape to paint. I think I’ll cut them really short, take my pictures for my update, and just paint them. lol. I am following you b/c I need encouragement.

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