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Dean’s EI Week

I have been having so much fun with Dean this summer. He can do more than he could last summer and I love going outside everyday to go swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline. He even took a nap on me after he took a dip in the pool in the shade. I really want to have a cookout by the pool and just roast a few hot dogs after swimming. I think Dean would really enjoy it. We have to have chips, of course! Dean has been super into chips lately. I love chips as well, but he burns off the calories and I don’t. lol. I think if Dean could really speak his mind, he would say that he is having an amazing summer with his mommy. I can’t always be the fun mom, because I work and now go to school full time. I make the time that we have together count.

6/25/18 – Speech

Using words 1x and then not again. Dean had a great session. He sat on floor for 3 puzzles, pointed to choices, and said “more” x3. He was vocal while playing. He needed a 10 minute break and then sat in his chair for snack and beading. He beaded 6 beads independently. He said “bock bock bock” for chicken (after a model). Nice Session.

  • Continue to model words with actions.

6/29/18 – OT

Mike reported that Dean has been having some difficulty lately. He cried for 10 minutes before bed last night and he has been having slight tantrums/task refusal with ABA. Talked with Mike about bedtime crying. Dean is more aware of his environment and may not want to go to bed, but it is okay as adult caregiver to say, “I see you are sad, but it is still bedtime.” Tried to complete following direction activity, simple of get the animal to string onto string. He had a lot of difficulty because it was out of routine with assistance and support he was able to follow simple direction 5/12 times.

  • Pictures for fun/play activities explore

Honestly, I am kind of excited for the end of EI. It means that he will be turning 3 and have a lot more opportunities to learn and grow. It is a bit bittersweet, but I think it is time. He has his year evaluation in August and I am excited to see how much he learned in that time, compared to ABA’s six month evaluation. Also, his school evaluation is around the corner and I have a meet and greet in September. My life is so full lately, but I found that I am actually getting more done. Now, that I don’t have time to squander, I am getting more stuff done around the house.

With Love,



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