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Spring Project Pan: Finale

I kinda dropped the ball on this project pan, because of everything that I had going on. I recently went back to work and working 5 day weeks. Dean started daycare and potty training. There were family dynamics to work and sort out. I had a few emotional breakdowns. I’m not gonna lie. Of course, I also was very sick last week. Hence, the week off. I seem to be gaining more of a life lately, so with work, school, Dean, and this new life that I am building, I might have a hard time keeping up with my 3x a week posting. I might only do 1 a week sometimes. But I digress, this is why I dropped the ball on the end of this project pan. I didn’t use anything in my project, but I have been using up plenty of other items in my collection.

Going forward, I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore project pans. I think I am going to do a monthly makeup rotation, where once a month, I will post what makeup items I am concentrating on. At the next makeup rotation post, I will post if I used something up or hit pan on anything. This why I get to use things that I want more on a regular basis and rotate through what I own. If I get bored, I can do more frequent rotation, but I want to start off saying monthly for now. I would like to polish off the lipgloss from my project in June, but we shall see how fast it goes. I’m ALMOST done. I wanted to just give a recap and my plans moving forward. I have a ton of posts that I want to do, but I only have so much time. It’s so refreshing to have a busy life now.

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