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20 in 2020

So, I am exactly 18 days late for this post, but who is counting? lol. I want to use up 20 full sized products in 2020. I don’t have any particular products in mind besides my Hourglass Palette from 2016 that I bought discounted in 2017. I would like to pan that whole palette and since it was 5 shades that would be 5/20 products of what I intend of using up in 2020. I also want to reach a monetary goal of $200 this year and if I reach that I’ll raise it to $500 and then 1K. For this project, I just need motivation to use up products in my collection. I will share if I hit any pan in any of my products, but that won’t count towards anything. It will just be good to show any significant progress. I will be back with an update at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb on what I have managed to use up in one month’s time.

I just wanted to do a little introduction and not fuss with any pictures as I don’t have a ton of time most weeks to write up something elaborate with lots of photos. The monthly updates will have photos for sure, reviews, and progress photos of anything that I am particularly impressed with. I love blogging and I miss it. I’m going to ease back into it with posts that I want to write. I just purchased a ton of clothes from Forever 21 that will be in next week’s blog post with try on photos! I haven’t bought clothes for myself in forever and this is all my taste in my correct size. A year ago, I was in an abusive situation where I was told what I could wear, look like, be. Now, I’m just me.

Hence, my blog reboot after a big time away to rediscover who I am again. I hope you enjoy this journey and my only guarantee is posting once a week. I might to recipe posts or a review of my new vacuum sealer or my experience with the local butcher. I have started to heavily meal plan this week with ordering from a butcher and groceries from Walmart to make my own meals from scratch. We are going keto, but our kids can eat what they want. We just expect them to try new foods. My son eats a ton of bread (carbs), but eats the keto meals that I make all the time. He loves meat like chicken, beef, and pork. He tried salmon and loved it. He is going to have a very good tastes for a 4 year old.

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4 thoughts on “20 in 2020”

  1. Omg, so awesome that you’re starting this project! I can’t wait to see what you’re going to pan! Good luck on the Hourglass palette, I bet it is going to feel like a treat everytime you use it. Welcome back to blogging 🤗❤️

    1. Thank you! Welcome back to you too! Im excited! I used it today and Im like well, it should be easy to pan the setting powder and bronzer as I use them together. The challenge will be the highlight and 2 blushes.

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