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December Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I had a few favorites this month and a very lovely December. My number one favorite was the Holiday Season, not just Christmas day, but everything that goes along with it. I love picking out the tree and taking it home to decorate. I love shopping for gifts for loved ones and wrapping them to put them under the tree. I love seeing the joy on their faces, when they find truly thoughtful gifts. I love how excited my dogs got with their gifts and how they never get bored of anything. I loved the festivities at work and the smell of Christmas Trees. I just love everything about the season. I loved what I got for Christmas which was clothes, a perfume, and a treadmill. I will show you guys everything that I got once my treadmill comes in. Oh, and I have to exchange the perfume, because my dad accidentally bought it in the men’s scent. lol. That post will be coming at the end of the month, most likely.

I also got a few games for myself for Christmas that I have been enjoying. Once I have played them long enough, I will be giving reviews on them as well. Overall, it has just been a great month for me and instead of doing a typical Favorites post, I’m just gonna write how I felt about every month and what I liked about it and what I didn’t. Products come and go. What I like today, I might not like tomorrow. My feelings? They don’t go away as easily. I love reviewing the month and what happened to make it memorable.

Do you like this favorites style? Do you want me to still highlight a beauty product that I really enjoyed? I think I could highlight one product, but I feel like my eventually review would do it more justice.

With Love,

Selena Hannah xoxoxo


19 thoughts on “December Favorites”

  1. That style of “Favorites” post is amazing, as you said products you like today you may not really enjoy tomorrow. So this idea is fabulous.
    I might incorporate this idea in to my own favorites posts, if you wouldn’t mind that will say 🙂

    1. Sure! Go right ahead and thank you. I always used to hate doing my Favorites post, because it seemed like a lot of work. Now, it is a breeze. I can just say what I liked about my month and go on from there. It feels liberating starting something different than the norm. 😉

      1. Thank you. I think it’s so hard doing them normally, because I usually don’t try out new make up or other beauty-related things all that often. So showing the same things month after month seems boring, so I would love to (more than showing my favorite things) maybe also do something similar to what you did in your post 🙂

      2. I was running into the same problem myself. And now with this no buy year, I’m gonna have even less favorites unless I discover something “New” in my stash.

      3. That is true. But your new idea for favorites is really good – especially because it lets you focus on all the positive things that have happened in the past month, instead of focusing on the negative.

      4. Yes! I need to see the brighter side of things more. I’m sure some negative things will get in there sometimes, but on a whole, I want to be grateful of my life, not hateful.

  2. nice gifts! that’s funny about the perfume. perfumes are not easy to buy for those that don’t know much about them since my mom did something similar with buying me a perfume I requested but she got one that was similar but not the same at all. I wanted Annick Goutal Eau d’Hadrien. She got me Annick Goutal yes and the name had Hadrien in it but was a different one and smelled quite different. Nordstrom exchanged it easily. That scent is not made anymore I don’t think. Also, hard to find Annick Goutal that easy anywhere besides Nordstrom and maybe a few others (high end, and will not be at macy’s).

    1. It was DKNY for me. Donna Karen New York Be Delicious Green Delicious. It is in the shape of an Apple. So cute. But he got the men’s which smells frankly way gross and not at all the delicate sour sweet green apple. I have the pink blossoms one and they smell so good. I love Apple’s…Apple’s and moustaches.

      1. that DKNY perfume (the women’s one) is one of my favs and I do have that. Its a very nice scent. I have never smelled the men’s version though. 🙂

      2. Do try it for the fun of it. It smell NOTHING like the women’s. Everyone I know loves her perfume. I need another one in my life! I want to collect them all like pokeman cards.

      3. I have some of the other variations of the Be Delicious line (smelled them first in a store though). Some I do like and own, but I think one I did not care for. Its excellent and I know many who like the original Be Delicious a lot too. Its a great scent. I’m one of those people who smells a bunch of perfumes whenever I’m in some store that sells them. 🙂 I love perfume. Next time I’m out, I’ll see how that men’s version smells since I’m curious now.

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post. Love your idea of doing a slightly different favourites post each month. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading about beauty products but posts like this are just more personal : D Sounds like you had a lovely christmas this year!

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