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Cinders Bath Bomb Makes Pee Water

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I was feeling like crap on Friday I decided to use half of my Cinders Bath Bomb. Well, I should probably first tell you the story. So, on Thursday night after I wrote the post about Shadow. I decided to have a late night snack of Feta Cheese. As I was cutting the cheese, the plate flipped over, went up in the air, and landed on my foot. Here is a picture that I took today, three days after the incident:


uninjured for comparison
uninjured for comparison

Anyways, it gushed blood all over the place. I am still finding blood in the strangest places like on the wall:


My toe still hurts and it is still bleeding if I walk too much or clean it. I cannot feel my toe unless I hurt it by walking on it. I get tingly sensations in my toe and pricks like pins and needles like when your foot falls asleep. Needless to say, I am calling the doctor to see if I can get seen for it. I was in extreme pain on Friday from it and spent most of the day crying and sleeping. It’s why I didn’t post anything. Yesterday, I went to Monster Jam yesterday and that was really fun. I’m going to have a whole separate post on that probably later today after I take a nap. I’ve been really fuzzy, nauseous, and tired since I hurt my toe. I’m going to google to see if those symptoms show up anything serious. Anyways, I was too tired yesterday after the event (I got home at 6) to blog or anything really.


Okay, now to what this post is about. Cinders Bath Bomb, although it smelled amazing, turned the water a really ugly color of pee. The scent of this bath bomb almost disappeared once it hit the water. Do not try to blame it on only using half. My tub isn’t big enough to use a whole one. I was uninspired by this over-hyped bath bomb. I bought it, because all the gurus were raving about it. I would suggest that you pass on this one. I know that I will be passing on it this year.

With Love,



13 thoughts on “Cinders Bath Bomb Makes Pee Water”

  1. You really have the worst luck sometimes. But I would definitely see a doctor soon because that doesn’t look good. (Also, that bath bomb is not pretty. The next time I buy some which won’t be soon because I just bought more, I will remember that.) But feel better!

    1. Lol. Yeah it’s definitely not pretty. Both my toe and the bath. Lol. I’m making an appt. Hopefully it’s not serious. When it rains, it pours. My dad thinks the toe could be sprained or broken.

      1. Yea. Like I feel like they should have tried for a different yellow or a golden brown? And yeah, it should get checked out. Also I’m doing some cleaning, and I have a clear tote and a pink swim cover up that I don’t want if you’d like. I can send pics on Facebook if you want.

      2. Send pics! I love pictures. I did get my toe checked out at the ER. I have a hemotoma (sp?) and I am going to lose my toe nail. I’m actually writing an update post as to why I am starting the week fresh and not doing all the posts that I planned or making them up. I’m just gonna hit restart.

  2. oh, the title of this post kinda made me chuckle but then I read the first bit on you getting hurt so no funnies there at all. I hope your toe isn’t broken. Though I’m not sure they do much except tape it up. Sounds so painful! I’ve had some mishaps like this but not nearly as bad.

    The bath bomb doesn’t sound too good at all. Is Cinders the brand? I never heard of that.

  3. The title of the post was funny. Sorry you hurt your toe. Hope it heals up soon. I don’t know why, but sometimes bad luck rains. I feel like I get more clumsy when I am distracted and thinking about other things. Hope it passes for you soon. Hope your Monday is marvelous.

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