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For Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I love how big and fluffy the brush is. The results of this mascara is stunning. Look at how thick my lashes look with my eyes closed! The brush makes the mascara very easy to swipe on and grabbing every lash and saturating it with color. This makes my eye lashes look like I’m wearing falsies. While I loved the effect, I prefer more natural looking lashes, but I would definitely repurchase a travel sized tube again for days that I want something dramatic. There is still some mascara in the tube, but the formula started flaking on me so I knew it had to go. The mascara itself was thick and sort of gel like which I liked a loot better than wet mascaras I hate wet mascaras with a passion. With my long lashes, it just ends up getting everywhere, making a huge mess. I highly recommend this mascara.

With Love ❤



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