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Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment

hair care

This did nothing to make my blonde hair lighter or brighter. I also did not care for the scent. I would skip this one and again it contains ingredients that strip hair of color. I am disappointed in my first Lush product. I expected so much more since I love Roots, but there were no benefits besides having softer hair which any conditioner would give you anyways.

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13 thoughts on “Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment”

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Oh, your blog keeps giving me a 500 error every time I try to comment and only occasionally goes through. I don’t know what’s up with it or if I am doing something wrong…I mean, I. Just write in the box and try to post it.

      1. Weird, I’ll look at the settings to see if I can figure it out. I wonder if others are having that issue too? Glad you let know though šŸ˜˜

      2. Yeah, it seems to happen every time I try to comment when I am logged into WordPress. I have to log out and then fill out that form to comment. It’s wierd.

      3. Hmmmmm…I updated the settings to allow anyone to comment even if they aren’t logged in. I hope that helps, how annoying šŸ˜ Traffic to my blog has been markedly reduced since self-hosting, still trying to determine why.

      4. I am getting all of your new posts in my WordPress feed. I just was unable to comment. I tried to comment again and it states 500 Internal Code Error. Website owner? Check your code and/or debug log. If you need assistance, contact support. Hopefully, your website has good support? I see everyone else commenting. LOL. Why is it only me? My rotten luck.

      5. The support is OK…haha! Not super excellent but I hope they can figure this out. Super annoying. I wonder if others can’t either but just haven’t said anything…?

      6. Maybe, your new site has a different algorithm for traffic. I know for two different sites Influenster and Brand Backer, I have two different sub counts.

      7. Interesting, I did not know that! I am going to have to dig deeper because it looks like I am getting no traffic, not that I was super into watching my stats but you definitely notice when they drop off that much!!

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