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Dean’s EI Week

I will say that some of the things his therapists have been writing have not been news to me. I have been practicing stringing beads with Dean, since I bought him his own kit. He has been independently threading the beads and pulling them through on a 50/50 basis. So, it was no surprise to me when his OT wrote that he attempted to put the dowel through the hole for the very first time, because for him, for us, it wasn’t. Makes me really proud of my boy. He is continuing to accomplish so much and growing at a rapid pace. I don’t know how I manage to keep up most days. It has been so nice having one day a week to dedicate to my boy. Once college starts we won’t be spending as much time together. I plan to do my college mostly while he is sleeping during naps and bedtime. Also, when I got to work at lunch, so I only have to take away a little of our time together. Time when your children are young is so precious.

5/21/18 – OT

Dean has been eating and sleeping well. Hannah ordered cloth crib guards since he has been chewing on crib. He goes to foot doctor on Wednesday. Dean’s visual motor skills are good. He was able to complete 4 puzzles with good visual scanning. He matched all pieces! With travel puzzle, he needed help with orientation to insert. Puzzles he has done before, he was able to place in board independently. Stringing beads today he did well with not putting dowel in mouth today. He also attempted to place dowel through hole today first time ever.

  • Continue to use pictures for him to choose what he wants to eat for snack time.

5/21/18 – Speech

Dean wanted to be on glass table today and was very upset when told no and removed. He was persistent until he was able to jump on his trampoline. He enjoyed working with shape stacker for a few minutes.

  • Use repetitive words with actions
  • Continue with pointing

5/24/18 – OT

Dean has started a new habit of sticking hands down his diaper front and back. Dean did very well today despite also having a busy morning. He sat and played with items of his choosing for 35 minutes. Including 5 puzzles and bead stringing. He is beginning to initiate placing string into bead hole which is new. He also did excellent visual scanning at snack time to select picture of item he wanted.

  • If hands down the pants continue, suggest having him wear onesies. Kids go through developmental exploration phase but Dean may not receptively understand when told to stop or deep pressure demands may be too extreme for him to stop.

Yup, we got to the stage where Dean has started to put his hands down his pants and hump his pillow more often. He mainly likes to itch his butt cheeks and grab the front of his diaper when sitting down. Nothing too extreme. The humping though. The humping has gotten so much worse. He is humping every day and sometimes tries to hump my leg or arm when wrestling. He hasn’t gotten any sores yet (like he has in the past), so we are just letting him be and not bring any attention to it unless he is doing it to me. Then, I redirect his behavior after telling him no. My fingers are just itching to write another blog post. I am just so used to writing that I never want to stop. lol. So therapeutic.

With Love,


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