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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had his PEP test on Tuesday and I should know the results this week of how far he has come in 6 months. I will share his results in a separate ABA post. Besides sharing his weekly ABA notes, I wanted to share a little story of what happened on Saturday night when Dean and I were just having a cozy night in. We were on the couch eating crackers watching Paw Patrol and I was on my kindle watching Lost Girl. I can only take so much Paw Patrol. Anyways, Dean kept trying to move onto an end table and each time I touched his leg and said a sharp “No.” to let him know that he couldn’t get up on the table. After about 5 “nos” he got off the couch and tipped over the end table. It made a loud bang as it fell and Dean was stunned. He started screaming and I picked him up. I said on the couch with him and held him tight as I told him over and over that it was going to be okay and that he was going to be fine. Meanwhile, he screamed, cried, and bucked in my arms. He slowly calmed under my firm but gentle pressure surrounding him. It was the first time as a parent that I just knew what to do.

6/19/18 – Ann

Ran items for PEP. Dean did usual toy play items in between test items.

6/19/18 – Stephanie

Re-administered PEP. Discussed progress made in 6 months. Discussed changes in routine and how that impacts him.

6/19/18 – Joyce

PEP administration. Off day, still did very well.

6/20/18 – Deb

Dean did well today, was a little off today. He did well with programs started independently doing shape sorter today. A little flopping today when playing with toy play items. Dean had a lot of babbling today. Dean was drooling a lot and whining at the end of the session. Starting to tip toe walk. Parental Concerns: increasing hours.

6/21/18 – Ann

Dean had a great session. Very focused and completed a lot of toy activities. No flopping to floor until the very end of the session.

6/22/18 – Ann

Dean had a great morning. Very focused on toys and attended well. Lots of great sounds and said “yeah”!

I know Dean is going to have meltdowns, but he also has so many breakthroughs. Last night was one of his worst breakdowns, but I feel like it is nothing compared to the incredible journey of him talking. I feel like God knew what he was doing when He placed Dean with me. We both need each other and I understand him. I have my times of frustration, but most of the time, I have more patience for him than my dad does. I love Dean and I know that he is different. He is not being difficult, just himself. In that moment last night, he couldn’t get what he wanted and he lashed out and frightened himself. I love him through all of his faults and he cannot express his frustration in talking. So, it is physical. He will learn to vent to me and I’ll always be there with an nonjudgmental ear.

With Love,


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