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Dean’s EI Week

I’m two or three weeks behind on Dean’s EI updates. I have just been busy with school and redesigning Dean’s room. I just bought a TV mount, so I can mount his TV to the wall. It is a 360 one, so you can put it at various angles. He still is pulling at wires, so I will have to mount it near the doorway to his room. I need to buy a shelf for the cable box to sit on and the wire can go behind the door. The door is hinged to the wall. He kept closing and opening his door and didn’t want his fingers to get caught. I bought organizers for his closet to hang his clothes in there. I am getting rid of the dresser in his room, which was my old dresser. He is eating the wood and it needs to go for safety purposes. I am rethinking his room. I am doing more mounted shelves to keep books and toys that he needs to be supervised when playing. He also needs a new plastic toy box with a removable lid for climbing reasons.

8/29/18 – OT

Dean’s eye continued to get worse. Family brought to MD, who reported non-contagious rash, part of herpes virus. He is on anti-viral, which is causing stomach discomfort. Dean did well today. Interested in puzzle, but his body unsettled so had him sit in working chair. He was unhappy at first but settled in and did several puzzles and strung all beads. Tired. Worked in swing. Initially his body moved erratically, he eventually settled. Each time he stopped, I waited and he got my attention by tapping my leg and reaching for my hands to sign more.

  • Explore with landlord putting in I bolt in beam to allow swing to be indoor hammock to swing him better.

8/30/18 – Speech

Family and Dr. trying to figure out rash/swelling on face for past 12 days. Dean was seen between two ABA sessions. He enjoyed movement, but then he settled and worked on beads. He made choices by pointing and when he was done, he shook his head no and swiped it away. Modeled words for cake, pop, cookie (beads) and farm animals and their noises. “Hi” “Mama”.

  • Continue to model words related to his meals and snacks. Eat, drink, cup, cracker…

I am surprised that is whole wardrobe fit into two hanging organizers. His closet is still full of junk that needs a new home and I am working on that. I have a bag full of his 12 to 18 month clothes (some of his 2 year as well) to donate to a friend of mine who has a 10 month old. I even added in slippers and a hat with gloves that no longer fit Dean. I also put something inside for Jessica as well like a sheet mask. She is a single mom with two young children and I feel for her. I know the struggle and it’s nice to get something for yourself to pamper with. I actually have a 100 anti-wrinkle serum sitting in my closet. She’s in her 30s, so that’s what I’m giving this time. I won it in a Top Hatter auction for $1 dollar. I needed an extra $1 to use my coupon code for $10 and I won a Tarte palette for $10, but the total needed to be over $10.

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5 thoughts on “Dean’s EI Week”

    1. I’m going to show my dad that later. I think we might get it because it would be another safety feature. He wouldn’t be able to pull on the wire and loosen the tv up. Thanks Danielle! I actually think we will buy this!

      1. I’m glad I thought of it! As you know we’ve got that old tv so we don’t have anything like that but I remembered hearing people complain about the wires. Some people will actually cut a hole in the wall to put them in but that’s a terrible idea. What if you ever decide to move your tv? Plus you pay rent. Hopefully it will work for you! The price isn’t too bad either.

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