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Journal Haul

I was going to get another tattoo this year, but the artist left the studio a couple of weeks before the appointment. My deposit was refunded to me and I was sitting on cash that I didn’t have before. I had been looking at really expensive, but beautiful handmade journals. I decided to bite the bullet and purchase two of them. One she relisted just for me as she only had enough material for one book. Her Etsy shop is AfterLightDesign. They are extremely pricy from $90 to $155 a pop. It is super worth it in my opinion based on the quality.

This is the Dark Alice Journal. I think I am going to make this a personal journey for memory keeping of any story or event that I want to immortalize about my life. They don’t have to be long entries. They can be just short blurbs. I am going to get creative with this and fully enjoy using this gorgeous journal. I am thinking about calling it “The Book of Life”.

It is super thick and hard backed. It does stay closed right now without the ribbon, but the ribbon is a nice touch to keep it closed if it ever needs it. I love the frilly dailies.

I love these coffee stained pages. They are even crinkly and crunch, so no doubt that they are homemade and gorgeous! Hands down one of my favorite pages in these journals.

I love the themed pages in these journals. You can totally tell that it is a Wonderland inspired journal. I might not write on some of the decorate pages, or I just might do a quote on elaborate ones like these.

I bought the more expensive versions of these books that have many pockets, surprises, and extra cards/pages to write in. I love that this is sealed! I can wiggle the string off the page and write in it. I can decide to keep it in the journal or use it as a letter to give to a friend. I love the versatility.

These are some of the card extras that come with the book with all of the goodies in them. They have blank or less decorate backs, so you can write on them as well. They are freaking beautiful and clearly fit the theme. #sheunderstoodtheassignment

I mean, look at how beautiful this is. It is one of my favorite pages in the journal. Alice is a book character that I relate to the most. My favorite movie is Alice the mini series that aired in 2009 on the Syfi channel. Luckily, you can watch it on YouTube here:

This is my Nevermore journal that is Edgar Allen Poe inspired and it is gorgeous as well! I really like the spooky cover on this one. I plan on using this one to discover and write down my beliefs. I lean towards paganism and practice healing with crystals.

I love a good thick spine.

I love the pops of purple throughout this one. It makes the journal a bit more feminine, which I quite enjoy. This pocket also contains more cards, this time with an envelope.

I really love the letters with the seal, where I can write my own.

More little pockets with stickers in there.

Every journal comes with an envelope full of goodies. I also really love the mock library book style with the little card. It is really the little details with me.

It couldn’t be a Nevermore journal without featuring The Raven.

These journals are beautiful and so lovely. I’ll need to invest in a silver sharpie pen and a gold one to write on some of these pages to really pop out the text. These are only glimpses into the journals. They are filled with so much more and are even more impressive in person. She is the only person I will purchase journals from moving forward of a personal nature like this. I am sure I will be patronizing her shop next year, when I fill these pages up.

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