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Baby Shampoo *Day 2*

For Johnson’s Baby Head-To-Toe Wash


What It Is:

A body wash made for babies.

Key Ingredients:

Water, sodium trideceth sulfate, glycerin, citric acid, sodium benzoate, ethyl hexylglycerin, fragrance.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks:

It is a yellow tinted gel that foams up gently and feels very moisturizing on the skin. It has the ionic baby scent that is pure perfection, although I wish it didn’t have the added fragrance.

Why I Like It:

I used this small bottle on my hands, when I wash them multiple times a day. My hands developed a rash from a UTI/Mastitis that I had and it raked havoc on my hands.This wash was very gentle on my hands and didn’t sting any of the cuts that I had from extreme dryness. I have a big bottle of this stuff that it almost empty that I use on Dean and I love how gentle it is on his skin as well. He had a newborn rash and a weekly soap bath worked on it. I give him a bath every other day and only soap up his hair and privates. I have since moved onto a different three in one product for him that it Minion themed. It is in Strawberry banana scent and is AMAZING. I love how sweet his hair smells after.

With Love <3

21 thoughts on “Baby Shampoo *Day 2*”

  1. I have the dollar tree version of this for makeup brushes/ fave brush cleaning, and I know what you mean by the scent. It’s soft and pleasant. Also, do you know about Monday? If it’s an issue we can just plan for a different weekend. I may even be able to do something tomorrow afternoon instead?

    1. Let’s plan for Saturday at my place? I have a mad migraine today due to hormonal changes and it usually takes a couple of days to settle. Not even Excedrin is working. Apparently it’s every time I ovulate. Tmi ik.

      1. That’s okay. I have plenty of similar symptoms at the same time so I don’t really think it’s a big deal. Lol. I will agree to Saturday, but I do have to see if I can have access to a car first. If anything changes during the week I will let you know.

      2. We can always give you a lift. πŸ™‚ And thanks. I felt crappy for postponing again. I’ve been drinking tons of caffeine and water today. Trying some black tea now. I’m desperate.

      3. Ok. :). It’s alright, if I have a bad enough headache I don’t want to be out either. I get it. You may be better off just heading to bed as soon as you’re able. Or double bagging your tea, though that would probably taste terrible.

      4. Feeling a bit better today, but feeling crampy. Hopefully, I’m not getting my period. Haven’t had one in 16 months, not including post partum bleeding that lasted almost 3 months. No thank you! I am putting your things aside today, so they are organized for when your here on Saturday or Sunday if that’s better for you.

      5. You’re bound to get your period again sometime though! 😦 I think mine will be here sometime within the next week. I have things for both you and Dean set aside. I will ask my parents if anything is going on this weekend and see which day is better so I’ll let you know. How is Dean this weekend??

      6. He’s been great! He’s a good eater with solids. He had chinese through his mesh bag feeder. He gummed on the boneless prime rib pieces. He was so happy and really savoring that meat. He gummed it into baby food. lol. He loves soft served ice cream, too. He’s been having two to three hours naps once a day with a smaller hour nap in the evening before bed. How are you? He’s not sleeping through the night yet, but I don’t either. lol

      7. That is great!!I bet he has gotten a lot bigger than when I saw him last. Hopefully you will be able to get a full nights sleep sometime within the upcoming months. I’m doing alright. This weekend has been way too long for me, my family is driving me nuts. But I’m okay I guess. How are you? How’s work?

      8. He goes to the doctor tomorrow! So, we’ll see. Work is good. Nothing crazy. Wait! There was this big screaming match at work on Thursday and one of the girls was suspended for three days. She comes back tomorrow, but I have the day off for Dean. I’m sure I’ll hear about it though. I’m good. I have a bit of postpartum depression. Nothing serious I just started getting nightmares again about something happening to Dean. It’s a short work week.

      9. Sounds dramatic! I do not miss that kind of drama, though I’m sure I’ll eventually encounter more once I start working in a library. Lol. Hopefully the depression doesn’t last too long. That stinks 😦

      10. I guess that’s probably how it goes sometimes. Maybe his next appointment he will have gained more weight but grown less in height! When does he have o go again?

      11. October 4th and he has to get a finger prick and the flu shot. Poor kid. Lol. A least he will fit in 6-9 month old clothes for awhile.

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