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Lotion Inventory 2018

I have a serious lotion addiction. I love buying them, but not so much using them. I was really good last year and I used up a ton of my lotion back stock. I only bought 2 lotions last year and that was at the end of the year. I have recently fallen into a slump with using up my lotion. It’s been so cold out that I’ve gotten lazy with my lotion routine. My bathroom is chilly and not well insulated. So, after a shower, it can get chilly pretty fast. I am going to be better and just suck it up and lotion every time after a bath and shower. I’ll go back to lotioning every morning when my bathroom is less chilly. In the summer, I was using up 8 ounces of lotion every month.


I have 5 of these seasonal lotions left. I believe that I started out with 8 to 10 of them. These are only 4 ounces, so I can get done two in a month. So, this is about 2 and a half months worth of lotion. I think I have opened and used every one of these, but they all seem pretty full still. I bought these on the website Midnight Velvet, but I would not repurchase. I don’t like websites likes these anymore. They are very overpriced unless you buy things on sale.


I have 4 more lotions/body butters/message bars here. I have a Victoria’s Secret PINK body lotion in Sweet & Flirty, another PINK in Total Flirt but it is a body butter, Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body butter, and Lush’s White Chocolate Message Bar. Total Flirt is my favorite scent and I am sad that they no longer sell it. Sweet and Flirty is similar, but just not the same. I have about 4 months worth of the lotion and I have no clue about the massage bar. I would say 3 months probably of consistent use. I think I have used half of it already.


I bought the Bath & Body Works Black Friday Tote, which is where I “bought” the red tube from. I wasn’t sure how to categorize Claire’s Glitter Mist, but I’ll use it up on my body during the summer time. The Nivea Men is a leftover that my dad won’t use. It has about half left and I always use up his leftovers. I don’t like to see stuff going to waste. B&BW Aromatherapy Recharge Body Cream smells divine! I have about 2 and a half months worth of lotion.

My total back stock of lotions are 12 and the amount of time it should roughly take me to use them all up are 12 months. That is very convenient. It means that I should be done with my back stock by the end of this year. That means that next year I could be buying new lotion and I’m going to be only keeping 1 back up. No more years supplies.

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9 thoughts on “Lotion Inventory 2018”

      1. I bet. I still have too much to be buying anything, but I made a lot of progress last year. I’m focusing on older full sized things that I bought probably over 4 years ago and forgot I had. The formula in the older bath and body works triple body creams seems to change over time (or the formula now is just different) either way I’m working my way through those.

      2. I would describe it as not as smooth? It wasn’t runny, and it didn’t seem more oily. I only have a 2 that are really old, the others should be ok hopefully. And I just finished one so I guess I technically have one. They changed their packaging style a while ago so that’s how I can generally tell which is older.

      3. LOL. More pasty then? I am still struggling to use up my lotion in this cold weather we are having. I’m trying to write a few posts to go up today and during the week, but Dean is being picky. lol.

      4. No. I don’t want to use the word chunky but it’s the one I’m picking. Either way the consistency is different. The oldest one I had was from probably 2013-14 which is probably why. I only have one more older one. I’m just trying to rest today. Last week was hectic with work and the start of the semester. Plus more car troubles. Alternator this time, my dad already fixed it, but now the tires on the van are acting up and the car shakes, so one needs a replacement. It never ends.

      5. They’re both doing well considering how old and the number of miles on them. It’s usually not major problems every few weeks. But whatever. That’s what happens to older cars especially in the colder weather.

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