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July Empties

My camera is still being a pain, but I will be buying a new one really soon. Please bare with me. I was able to take pictures in a dim corner with the flash on. I cannot wait for my new Kodak camera, but I am looking at reviews first to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the product first. I’m just surprised that a $200 camera that was 50% off wouldn’t last more than two years. Seems very strange to me. Anyway, I went through a lot of product in July, but so far August has been a bust. So, I guess it will even out seeing as I have a whole basket of empties here. I am excited to see just how many I have and what will count towards me empties goal of the year.

Makeup: 9 Empties

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in Light/Fair

Rimmel Stay Matte 2 packets

No name brand purple glitter

Benefit Gel Pores No More Primer

Hilari Black Eye Liner

Urban Decay Zero Eye Liner

Avon Eye liner in Silver and Bronze

Hair Care: 1 Empty


Clairol Conditioner Packet

Skincare: 5 Empties


Good Things Deep Pore Cleanser + Toner

The Ordinary Coffee Solution

Valentina True Glow Eye Cream

Caudalie Eye Serum

Johnson’s Baby Head-To-Toe Wash

Body Care: 8 Empties


Nickelodeon Bubble Bath

Degree Dry Spray Active Shield Deodorant

Schmidt’s Bergamont + Lime

Aveeno Body Butter x2

Nivea Body Lotion Packet

Dangerous Body Wash

Coppertone Sunscreen

Misc.: 7 Empties


Papermate Inkjoy pens x3

Home & Garden Party Blueberry Cheesecake Candle

Equate Acetaminophen

Crest Kids’ Toothpaste

B&BW I Tried Mini Candle

There you have it folks! I had 30 empties for the month of July! That even amazes me. lol. I didn’t think I had nearly as much as I did. Since I am already halfway through August, I cannot count my goals towards this month. So, I will talk about September’s goals. I would like to use up a few more makeup products. I have a bunch of primers on their last legs and I want to use them up. I also have two lip products that could be used up as well. I want to use up a lotion, a hair product, and a skin care one as well. I think these are modest goals for September. Most of my stuff rain out in July and I opened new things. Probably will explain why August will be so light.

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13 thoughts on “July Empties”

  1. I always love seeing what people have been using great post.
    I’m new to trying out natural deodorant’s I just picked one up from the body shop recently, I’ve tried ones similar to the Schmidt’s one before and it didn’t really work for me so hopefully this one will work better.

    1. I always have to reapply in the afternoon and before bed (besides the morning deodorant). I have a medical problem with sweating all the time and not even prescription deodorant cured it for me. My doctor says that only botox will stop me from sweating so much. I switched to natural deodorant b/c at least I am not overexposing myself to chemicals that could cause cancer. Also, all natural deodorant totally takes care of my BO (but I sweat off all deodorant hence the 3 times a day application) and my shirts DONT stain, which is a big thing for me. Chemical deodorant stained my white shirts/dresses.

    1. I have a small basket for sure still. I have a bunch of stuff on their last legs though. I’m glad I took a blogging break this week. Dean has been fighting an infection since last Sunday. They thought it was an eye infection, then they thought chicken pox, and now, they think he might have a skin infection that is in his blood near his eye. On Monday, they will call to see if his eye is better (we was on cream antibiotics, anti-viral, and now oral antibiotics with Claratin and probiotics). If not, he will need a CT scan and blood work to see what is going on with him. She’s ruling out everything before going for the possibility that it might be Lupus, which is an auto-immune disease.

      1. Yeah, we are all worried about him. He’s taking antibiotics, probiotics, and Clartin the allergy medication. The doctor thinks it cellulitis, but isn’t completely sure. She’s trying on last thing before having to sedate him for a CAT scan and blood work. It’s hard to think about anything else.

      2. I will. He has another new spot. Sometimes, it gets worse before it gets better, but we shall see. I plan to share my story, once it has an end. I wouldn’t want another parent to go through the same thing.

      3. Do you think it could be an allergic reaction? I remember i am allergic to penicillin. I started taking it for one thing and got a giant rash on the middle of the school day in second grade. It was embarrassing. Though that was like hives. Does he seem to be feeling ok?

      4. He is acting normal otherwise than having a rash under one eye. We haven’t been using anything different. Don’t know what it could be. Hey, we are both allergic to penicillin.

      5. Yea, and it makes sense because I think it’s made with mold? Which seems like a questionable thing to make medicine with since so many people react poorly to mold when it just in the air.

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